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Rotary to host Camp ABLE


The School for Children With Special Needs in conjunction with The Rotary Club of St.Vincent will be conducting a sports leadership camp for children who are hearing impaired. The facilitator will be Nazim Williams.{{more}}

Camp ABLE (Active Bodies Leadership and Esteem) is a Voluntary; non-profit Sports Leadership Camp, designed for Students who have a hearing disability. It is focused on teamwork, co-operation, confidence building, self-esteem and leadership in and out of sports, where the value of a healthy lifestyle and opportunities to form new friendships are promoted. Camp A.B.L.E 2005 will be held in St. Vincent from July 14 to 21, giving students from various countries the opportunity to visit another part of their Caribbean homeland.

Persons who are hearing impaired have difficulty making transitions throughout their lifetime, as they are considered different and are usually segregated from their communities.

Participation in recreational and sporting activities promotes health and fitness along with social, emotional and cognitive growth. Early experiences in this area influence attitudes towards this activity.

The society provides opportunities for its able-bodied members to participate in a variety of sporting activities. Special Olympics cater to a section of the disabled community who have developmental, physical and mental impairments.

For the first time the game “Road Tennis” will be introduced to the children of the school. Rotary Club of St. Vincent will be providing medical assistance to the students as well as logistical support.

Persons interested in contributing or assisting in any way are kindly asked to contact Nazim Williams at telephone number 528-2158 or Dr. Kenneth Onu at telephone number 456-1210 ext 24.