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Reddock rewrites history of Lions Club

Reddock rewrites history of Lions Club


When the history of the Caribbean is rewritten Vincentian Lion Beverly Reddock will go down in its annals as the first female to hold the prestigious post of District Governor of the Lions Club District 60B, Region Three.{{more}}

Last Friday, Lion Reddock, returned to St.Vincent and the Grenadines, after she was officially sworn in as District Governor at the 88th annual Lions Club International Convention in Hong Kong on July 1st.

In an interview held at the E.T Joshua Airport shortly after her arrival, Lion Reddock expressed thanks to God for her safe return to St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Of her post Lion Reddock said that she feels accomplished yet she accepts the post with humility.

She disclosed that she plans to concentrate her efforts on club management and the development of Club members throughout her district. Lion Reddock said focus will also be placed on the Leo Clubs.

On June 22, Lion Reddock, left St.Vincent and the Grenadines for Hong Kong, where she underwent a week of training in club management and promoting Lionism. Lion Reddock who previously held the post of Vice-District Governor was voted by her peers as District Governor elect on May 27th, 2005 in Guyana. Reddock replaced Lion Milton Pinnock of Jamaica.

Lion Reddock, a business woman and local member of the Lions Club for the past 20 years in an exclusive interview with SEARCHLIGHT in May said the task ahead is a very challenging one but she was ready for the challenge.

At the time she had noted in today’s competitive world, clubs are challenged for quality membership, finance and time.

Lion Reddock explained that the Lions Club is a voluntary organisation and people have to be prepared to give freely of their time and labour. She said the challenge these days is finding people wanting to give their time and labour.

Lion Reddock has been in the Lions movement since 1985, then as a Lioness. That term was phased out in 1992 and she became a Lion. She has held many positions since then, among them on the Board of Directors including President. Lion Reddock has been a zone and Region Chairman and has served in various posts.

The current president of the Lions Club of Kingstown, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, said she has chosen some of her Vincentian counterparts to work with her on the District Cabinet. Lion Gillian John will fill the post of Cabinet Secretary. Cabinet officers are Leo Anton Jardine, Lion Bernadine Gumbs, Lion Sylvia Defreitas and Lion Jocelyn Carr.

The Lions Clubs in the Caribbean are divided into four regions. Each year, one of the four regions is allowed on a rotational basis to nominate someone as the candidate for Vice-District Governor. Last year it was the turn of Region Three and Lion Reddock was the one who won that coveted nomination.