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Bacchus rewarded for outstanding work

Bacchus rewarded for outstanding work


Veteran nurse Hyacinth Bacchus has been recognized by her peers for outstanding contribution to the profession.{{more}}

The occasion was a gala dinner and award ceremony, held on Friday, July 8, at Government House, where she was given the “Year of the Caribbean Nurse” award from the Caribbean Nurses Organisation.

Bacchus, who has been a district nurse, school health nurse and clinical supervisor with the School of Nursing, also holds the position of Asthma Nurse.

Bacchus told Searchlight that she loves her work and feels that it has made her richer. “It is a rewarding profession, not in terms of dollars and cents but being able to nurse someone back to health is empowering. It is also added satisfaction that I can help people stay healthy. “

In May 1999 she was awarded a PAHO/WHO fellowship to complete her diploma in Asthma Care at the National Respiratory Training centre. From there she got the vision to raise the profile of asthma care and has been driven ever since.

Bacchus attended the National Respiratory Centre, and said that from she never returned the same. She noted that with the support of Dr. Simone Keizer and other medical personnel, she was able to establish the first Asthma Clinic in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the October 6, 1999. And it was her partnership with Dr.Christina Schwindt, an Assistant Professor at the University of California which helped to make the clinic a success.

The veteran nurse said: “Although asthma care is in place, my concern is to follow up care after an emergency visit. Many of our asthmatic still do not utilize this service even though they are referred.”

She said her work as a nurse has helped her appreciate the beauty of her country, such as when she worked as a Unit Nurse with the movie “White Squall” in 1994. Then over a ten day period she had the opportunity to see La Soufiere by helicopter and recalls travelling to Larikari Bay, where most of the time was spent filming at sea.

Nurse Bacchus recalls that her most memorable experience was as a district nurse at the Bequia hospital when a lady unexpectedly delivered twins. “The mother and babies had no complication. It was a joyful occasion for the family.

She however confessed that her most difficult time in nursing came when she made trips to Kingstown by any available boat to help a client get the best care. She recalled that “The weather was never a factor. Through wind, rain and rough seas, you had to venture out without fear just to get an emergency case to the mainland. I had to learn to cope with the stress and strain, because the love for the profession is what drives you to go the extra mile.”

The Year of the Caribbean Nurse prize, which has been around since 2003, is given to the most outstanding nursing practitioner in the Caribbean. It is aimed at rewarding outstanding achievement in mentoring, teaching and initiative taken for personal and social development among other things.