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Belair man wins C&W Nissan Terrano

Belair man  wins C&W  Nissan Terrano


Jim Roberts of Belair is the proud owner of the Nissan Terrano thanks to Cable & Wireless’s Zero Your Balance promotion.. The 52-year-old employee of the St. Vincent Marketing Co-operation said he learnt at work that he had won $1,000 and a cell phone from Cable & Wireless. {{more}}

He was advised to be at home on Saturday, July 2, in the afternoon so that he could receive his prize, but the overjoyed Roberts later realised that he had instead won the white vehicle and was handed the big size key.

Although he already owns a Terrano along with a Suzuki jeep, the lucky winner said the new vehicle has come at a great time, since his 18-year-old daughter, who just got her licence, has been hounding him for a vehicle.

The official draw for the winner was made on Thursday, June 30, in front of the Cable & Wireless building. When the draw was first made by Maureen Browne of Overland, the name selected did not have a zeroed balance and the unlucky person, whose name was not revealed, lost the opportunity to win the Terrano.

A second draw, made by Ertly Hunte of Vermont, resulted in Jim Roberts being picked the winner.