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Lil Jade does the hattrick

Lil Jade does the hattrick


In 2003 ‘Lil Jade’ Bowens brought pride to his home village of Fancy. He won the Secondary School Calypso title representing Bishop’s College.

Two years later, there seems to be no stopping him. He cruised to a hattrick of Secondary School titles last Tuesday 28 with his rendition of “Letter from prison”. {{more}}

With drama to highlight the song, Lil Jade beat the other contenders into submission.

Lil Jade, a fourth former beat Bethel High School’s Ranique ‘Princess Flesh’ Fraser into second place. Her number was “Embrace it”.

Third spot went to another Fancy man, former Primary School Monarch Phamojah ‘Man Resistance’ Williams who sang “The Prime Minister”.

The other finalists were Shontel Nichols from the Emmanuel High School, Kingstown, who did “Make a change”, North Union’s ‘Singing Joleen’ Bentick who did “Education the game plan”, St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua’s Niellan ‘Lil Das’ Williams whose number was “Moments”, and Emmanuel High School Kingstown’s Renecia Louis who did “Listen”.