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Increased casualties for Carnival season

Increased casualties for Carnival season


Dr. Simone Keizer, Head of the Emergency Department has confirmed that there is an increase in casualties at the Emergency Ward around the Carnival season when many festivities are held.

In an interview with the Searchlight Newspaper, the medical practitioner reported that lacerations caused by cutlasses are common, but the main injuries were caused by alcoholic beverage bottles. {{more}}

The figures speak for themselves. In June 2003, there were 1,985 casualties at the ward, with 345 fresh wounds and 36 police casualties. In July there were 3,207 casualties with 341 fresh wounds and 35 police casualties. In May, 1,393 overall casualties with 342 fresh wounds and 52 police casualties. August had 2,131 casualties with 311 fresh wounds and 37 police casualties.

In May 2004 on the other hand, there were 1,995 casualties with 349 fresh wounds and 40 police casualties. In June, 2,326 casualties were reported with 348 fresh wounds and 17 police casualties. In July there were 2,191 overall casualties with 310 fresh wounds and 27 police wounds. In August there were 2277 with 340 fresh wounds and 33 police casualties.

Dr. Keizer revealed that young males were usually the victims of these casualties and when they came in for medical attention they were often followed by gangs that would stream into the ward to finish off their fights on the ward.

She noted that this becomes scary and very traumatic to the staff and patients in the area and many would have to duck and hide for cover. The Accident and Emergency specialist said that security from the Criminal Investigation Department, (CID) would have to be recruited to ensure the safety of everyone since the security guard has only a wooden staff to use as protection.