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CDC cheques in the bag

CDC cheques in the bag


Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation CDC, Dennis Ambrose was presented with several cheques from business places to help fund carnival activities. He expressed gratitude for the assistance and urged patrons to support businesses that support carnival. {{more}}

Ambrose said this demonstrates many businesses’ commitment to carnival, which in turn brings in revenue for them.

The chairman also urged everyone to remain violence-free throughout the festive season and emphasised that the “no bottle” policy would remain in place. He also invited everyone to attend the final pan concert at the Chamber of Commerce Car Park on Saturday, June 25.

The sponsors presenting cheques were, the St. Vincent Teachers Credit Union, E.D. Layne and Sons, ScotiaBank, Allan Smith and Family Bakery, St. Vincent Building and

Loan Association, Bottlers Ltd. and VINLEC.