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Gordon Yard family dazed

Gordon Yard family dazed


The Daize family of Gordon Yard will always remember Saturday, June 11, as the date their beloved Peter Daize met his tragic death.

Around 2:30 that afternoon tragedy befell Daize, a 41-year-old heavy equipment operator, who was killed while working on Phase One of the Cross Country Road Project.{{more}}

According to the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department, Daize attempted to climb onto a water roller operated by another worker, when he slipped and fell.

Gordon Yard residents were forced to endure the spectacle of Daize’s badly crushed body trapped under the huge wheel of the roller for some time before it was removed.

Daize, the son of Pamela and Eric Daize, was buried last Wednesday at Gordon Yard Cemetery.

Peter was the father of a 14-year-old son Phillip. The boy had to muster the strength to write his school exams on Monday, even with the trauma fresh in his mind.

The entire community of Gordon Yard, a hamlet overlooking Spring Village in North Leeward, was in a state of disbelief.

This is perhaps the worst moment in the life of Pamela Daize, the London-born mother of the deceased who grew up in Dagenham, England before moving to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 1978.

Police are investigating the circumstances leading up to the accident.

This accident brings to four the number of road fatalities for the year. “Biker Boy” Daniel Johnson was the first for the year when his biked crashed in the vicinity of the Girls High School January, 25.

Jason Punnett, a 19-year-old Automotive Technician died April 22 when his Mitsubishi Pajero crashed at Gibson Corner in Kingstown.

The third fatality was that of Harley Cambridge, a 33-year-old who succumbed to injuries when his motor cycle crashed along the Villa Public Road, April 30.