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Rogers, Chance preparing to serve in Kenya


Sunshine and high temperatures are nothing new for two British Army soldiers from St. Vincent, Lance Corporals Anthony Rogers and Aluan Chance.

The pair are working at the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK), which supports exercises by visiting troops in the country.

Anthony, 27, known as ‘Songs’ to his mates, isserving as a supply controller in the headquarters. He is also actively involved in fund raising for a local school in Kenya.{{more}}

Aluan, 26, nicknamed ‘Vice Chancellor’ by his friends, is serving in the Adjutant General’s Corps as a Military Clerk.

Talking about the country, Anthony said: “This is my first time here and I love it. It’s just like home, the climate, the people, the roads and the drivers!

“I’ve been all over the place, I’ve seen the coast and animal parks, I’m well pleased. My job is local purchase so I get out and about for that as well.”

Aluan added: “Like Anthony, I love it here, I have been into Nairobi and found it’s like any big city but does cater a lot for tourism.

“I haven’t been here as long as Anthony so I have yet to get out and about but hope to go on Safari and do some diving down at the coast.”

Anthony attended Adelphi Secondary School in Simon and was a policeman with the Royal St. Vincent Police Force before joining the army in 2001. His mother Ruth lives at Biabou.

A former pupil of Emmanuel High School Aluan also joined up in 2001. His parents Charles and Valcina live in Kingstown.