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Pay cheque Babies

Pay cheque  Babies


We all know at least one dead beat mother who purposefully got pregnant for a man with the sole intent to trap him with child support. Unfortunately, we see this behaviour in celebrities and even our neighbours. The most obvious advice would be to teach men how to avoid vultures and gold diggers, however, there are some women who will do anything to have a rich man’s child. Of course, men should be more responsible, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t shame these women for their abhorrent behaviour.

I am keenly aware of the numerous absentee fathers we currently have in the world, but let us not pretend that bad mothers do not exist. It is obvious that the justice system is biased against men when it comes to child custody and child support, and there are some women who acknowledge this flaw and choose to exploit it. We have all witnessed countless instances of a women taking a man to family court to spite him out of more money.

The court system always assumes that women are better parents, which is untrue. There are many neglectful and abusive women who have full custody of their children solely because they have a vagina. Women are always perceived as more nurturing and responsible than men, and we must work to undo this bias. Unfortunately, there are many great fathers who are unable to properly raise their children because they impregnated the spawn of Satan. So many women use their children as a meal ticket to live responsibility-free for 18 years, while others prefer to use their child as a tool of spite towards their exes for moving on to a new significant other. Financial support should not come from one parent, particularly the man. If both parents are employed and stable, then the financial and child rearing burden should be shared equally.

Decades ago, women were completely dependent of the baby’s father, as they did not have equal access to jobs and financial freedom. The child support system was developed to protect women from losing custody of their children after a divorce. Imagine if you married a wealthy man and had his children. If that man divorced you, you’d have no means of income, because you’d have no formal education, nor legal right to own property. This was the life of women before the feminist movement. This is the reason why family courts are biased towards women. It was a system developed to support women who could not support themselves, through no fault of their own.

Currently, women have the same rights as men and access to education in most developed countries. It is time for the justice system to adapt to a changing climate. Women cannot fight for social and financial equality, while continuing to support a legal system which is biased against men. Men should have equal parental rights in the eyes of the law. I strongly believe that women who use babies as a meal ticket should be punished. Not only are you greedy, but you’ve brought a human into this world as your meal ticket, and no child deserves such treatment.

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