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Where are the Whistleblowers?

Where are the Whistleblowers?


The Caribbean, as a collective, has a crime problem. I always joke and say if I had to commit crime I’d do it in St Vincent and the Grenadines, because it’s the easiest place to get out of jail. We always find the energy to complain about corruption in government and business places, but never to support those who dare to stand against it. Why is it so hard for us to support justice? Why do we always turn a blind eye to corruption?

Vincentians are known for being blunt and boisterous, yet we are always quiet in the face of injustice. Hardly anyone is held accountable for their crimes in this country unless they are poor. Why are poor people the only ones held accountable to the law? The people who steal from the government don’t seem to end up in prison, but the young man who stole some biscuits is thrown into a cell. We might grumble at the injustice, but ultimately nothing is done. Everything remains the same, and the real criminals continue to walk the streets of Kingstown freely.

It is time for us to become whistleblowers, we need to sound off on the things that are corrupt and unjust. If you look up the term whistle-blower, one of the first synonyms to come up would be snitch. A whistleblower is someone who uncovers anything potentially illegal, unethical or “shadey”. The idea is to make the public or victims aware of what is happening to them without their knowledge and consent, yet in our society the word snitch is a very negative thing. Ironically, in my opinion, the very act of uncovering the truth for justice and equality is the epitome of bravery. Then why is it seen in such a negative light in the Caribbean?

It’s always easy to turn a blind eye when you are not the one affected, but one day it will be you. One day you will be the victim, and you will want someone to speak up on your behalf. Don’t wait for that day to come, be your own hero. Vincentians are good people, but we have the potential to be great. Be the change you want to see in your country.