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Community sports and spirit

Community sports and spirit


EDITOR: Community sports are indeed something that is lacking in many communities, but one that offers benefit to the community. This activity must be encouraged, and to those who have this going on in their community, I congratulate and encourage you to keep it going.

Community sports helps to unite the community and bring them together. It can be a good method of minimizing crimes. I am certain that there are communities who have this activity, and they can attest to the reduction in crime and the unifying of its people.

After the 2005 general elections the Rose Bank Development Association (ROBDA) had embark on such an activity, which aided in removing the political division and hatred that existed then due to party politics. It was indeed a wonderful time, when persons from various political parties and social backgrounds rubbed shoulders together as they played on the same team and also were able to interact with each others both as players and spectators, along with being match officials.

Such events also strengthened the community spirit. They help to erase tension and bring the community together, breaking down any barriers that existed socially and minimizing crime.

We as Vincentians have a role to play in assisting in reducing crimes and minimizing the political division that currently exists. It is rather sad that we blame the politicians for the political division when we as ourselves are the ones who contribute to it.

I would strongly recommend that more communities take on board community sports in an effort to bring people together, regardless of social position, religious or political persuasion, and it definitely unites the community.

We have a nation to build. Let us stop looking to the politicians to solve all our problems and let us get involved and be a solution rather than a problem.

Kennard King