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O God of Hairouna


Fri Oct 25, 2013

by Trelson L. Mapp
(October 15th, 2013)

O God of Hairouna
Enlighten your waters
Flares from ships go yonder
Searching for your answers
Answers of the unknown
Wisdom from your inconceivable throne
The light that will so guide us
O God, show us.{{more}}

Show us the path
Which we have not trod
The path that in one accord
Draws us up to you
A departure from
obliviousness and naivety
O God
Attend to our depravity

The rivers of Hairouna

Seek redress from bruises
Bruises from the thunder
Blisters, blemishes,
Deep bruises of the purple stones
Pressing against our sores
Confining dreams
Further up the streams

Thy free waters gather
At the flood plains and estuaries
Where the seagulls peacefully
Lay in their sanctuaries
Steering, steering
Into the setting sun
Searching, Searching
Still, no answers, Great One.

The waters
are quieted
As the cacophony
gives way
to the force that sways
Dried leaves on the lawn
Conveying esoteric whispers
That only you can discern

The invisible
Yet palpable
Spears that we haul
Have caused, though uncalled
Bleeding wounds that emit
Sulfuric stenches from inside
With traces of Trojan gifts
That we have so imbibed

When will the ashes
Exit our bladders?
When will our ‘gundies’
Become edifying ladders?
Why do we carry the minds
Of others on our shoulders?
When will we return these seeds
To the carriers of the deeds?

Why do we use our pollen
To fight battles through naps
While our stems
Indolently relax?
The poor man’s plight
We callously forsake
While our shadows fight
for Caesar’s cake

As deep-rooted monocots
Let us point
Our leaves
Towards the sunshine
Not moved by the unnatural breeze
Not shaken by the abominable
Let your torrential rains take residence
Let the resultant joy set precedence

Our fathers speak
of unshaken faith
Amidst scenarios
of uncertain futures
Let this bequeathed faith
Remain in your children
As we rise in triumph
Together as one.