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Let us pray for wisdom in the choices we make

Let us pray for wisdom in the choices we make


Fri, Oct 26, 2012

Independence Message by H.E. Mr Cenio Lewis, High Commissioner, London

Time passes so quickly that it is difficult to believe our nation has reached its 33rd anniversary of Independence. It is perhaps an opportune time to reflect on the progress our nation has made since colonial rule ended. The evidence of our progress is clearly before us and, in particular since 2001, there is clearly a farsighted vision by our government in its desire to secure our future development.{{more}} The education revolution and the construction of an international airport are just two examples of the necessary components of this vision. Sometimes, there are persons whose vision can become blurred for a variety of reasons and are therefore unable to see the force of a vision that is unfolding before them. In the global arena today, there are no sanctuaries for lack of vision.

Despite the progress we have made so far, the road ahead will not be easy. It is filled with challenges in various forms. The challenges are real and they will not be easily solved within a short space of time for, as our Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said in his statement to the UN General Assembly on 28/10/12: “as a small State in an interconnected world, we recognise that many of the difficulties we face have been born and incubated beyond our national boundaries”. It is a statement which needs to be borne in mind by all of us, for it is now clear beyond doubt that the challenges we face along the pathway to development cannot be within the context of “business as usual”. We have to become more flexible, more creative, more cooperative, more understanding and helpful in what we do or say. No organisation is better than the members who compose it. The more they put into it the more they get out of it. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In this sense, a nation is similar to an organisation.

As a nation we can be rightly proud of our achievements, so let’s celebrate with Vincentian national pride. In celebrating our achievements, let us not forget those who are no longer with us but who have played their role in nation building.

Together we can enter another year and the years ahead with confidence if, in essence, we make the right choices, bearing in mind the words of our Prime Minister that “our path to development must be our own”. Let us pray for wisdom in the choices we make.

On this our 33rd Anniversary of Independence, the High Commission’s staff and I take this opportunity to wish all our nationals at home and in the diaspora a Happy Anniversary.

May God bless our nation!

Thank you.