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Don’t allow our differences to get in the way of us ‘reasoning together’

Don’t allow our differences to get in the way of us ‘reasoning together’


Fri, Oct 28. 2011

Message from H.E. Cenio Lewis, High Commissioner, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on the 32nd Anniversary of Independence

Dear Nationals:

As we celebrate another anniversary of our independence, it may be useful to reflect on the challenges we have encountered, and the progress the nation has made since achieving independence. There is no doubt that considerable progress has been made and since the year 2000 there has been a ‘leap forward’ in particular areas of our development.{{more}} Two examples of such areas that spring to mind are the education revolution and the construction of high quality ‘low income’ and ‘no income’ homes for Vincentians.

The education revolution of the government is a major achievement. We will not at this moment in time see all the fruits of this revolution but, in the streams of time, we will see and, indeed, enjoy the beneficial effects of this farsighted education policy. The social progress in the provision of housing for ‘no income’ and ‘low income’ families is of real significance in the pursuit of the war against poverty.

There are serious economic challenges ahead, and the only way for our nation to overcome these challenges is to work together for the good of our country. Opinions will differ on how to pursue the goals of development, but we must not allow differences to get in the way of “reasoning together”.

Almost every nation today is facing economic difficulties and, for small States like ours, the difficulties are even greater because of our vulnerability to a range of factors. Yet we must hope, pray, and work hard for continued progress.

There is always hope when people listen to both sides. It is only when we listen to one side that our errors harden into prejudices. It is rewarding to listen to two sides of an argument and very essential to base our opinions on facts. Too often we rely on hearsay, which is a dangerous messenger.

Let us remain confident of ourselves as individuals and as a nation. In our treatment of others, we should do so in a spirit of humility, for we must remember that all things in life are temporary. In our duties, we must do our very best and try to give a little extra effort which goes a long way.

May God bless our leaders, and guide them as our nation enters another year of independence. I pray that God will bless all our nationals at home and in the Diaspora.

May God bless St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a paradise of creation.