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Let’s continue to contribute to our development in SVG

Let’s continue to contribute to our development in SVG

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Fri, Oct 22, 2010

Message from Keith G. Miller, Commissioner of Police

The Month of October is undoubtedly one of the most celebratory months on Vincentians’ calendar of annual events. Throughout the month, we are reminded that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a young and developing nation, having gained our National Independence from the United Kingdom on October 27, 1979.{{more}}

Whenever I think of our young and developing nation, I am always reminded of our young and developing people (the youths). Like our nation, which seeks to develop its infrastructure, economy and society as a whole, our young people seek education, skills, talents and ethics, which are necessary for their development. For example, there’s an increase in the number of students locally, regionally and internationally (I was honoured to be given the opportunity to address a number of students in Taiwan recently and was impressed with their enthusiasm, notwithstanding their distance away from home), their involvement in the expansion and decentralization of the Cadet Force, interests in the newly institutionalized Police Youth Clubs, involvement in extra-curricular activities and Summer Programmes and doing their chores at home,

This is very commendable, both on the part of the individual and the state, seeing that the state has a responsibility as it develops, to develop, among other things, its human resource. Good parents and mentors must also be commended for inculcating good values into our youths, thus helping them to be positive and productive.

Being positive and productive can be attributed to a vast majority of our young people, but there are a few whom I honestly believe were given the opportunity to live a positive and productive life, but who are embarrassing their peers. I do not refer to those who are not so positive and developed, but to those who are bent on developing a lifestyle of committing theft, robbery and burglary against our positive and productive youths. There’s a group who target cellular phones, iPods, laptops and other electronic devices. This does not only result in a loss financially, but it affects the victims (our positive and developing youths) emotionally, a disturbance they can ill afford.

I would really like to use this medium to continue to encourage that group to desist from criminal habits. Such behavior will ultimately disrupt the progress of our development. I strongly believe that in every human being, there are elements of positive and good traits that can be utilized. I also know that there are responsible and resourceful persons amongst us who must continue to help the criminal-minded discover and use the positive qualities within them. It’s a responsibility that comes with development. Let us pursue it tirelessly and help everyone onto the positive path.

In summary, however, I wish to remind us all that when the young and developing have developed and reached their full potential, they will continue the cycle of development. Let us continue to assist with the entire development of our nation. Have a blessed Independence!