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Let’s say ‘Yes’

Let’s say ‘Yes’



by Bishop Sonny Williams – Presiding Bishop – PAWI SVG District

Independence celebrations call for deep reflection and recommitment to love of and or devotion to our beloved country. It is, therefore, germane to call upon all fellow Vincentians at home and in the Diaspora to say yes to the spirit of patriotism.{{more}}

This call does not require us to agree with everything that our country does, but actually promotes analytical and critical questioning in a quest to make our country the best it possibly can be. It is a call to say yes to love, support and be prepared to diligently and sacrificially serve our country with the resources we were endowed with. Thomas Jefferson succinctly adds that “patriotism is not a short and frenzied burst of emotion but the long steady dedication of a lifetime.”

As we celebrate our thirtieth Anniversary of Independence, let us say yes to any initiative aimed at educating and developing our people to be critical thinkers, creative, entrepreneurial and becoming lifelong learners. Let us say yes to assisting the police in their efforts at fighting crime, eradicating illegal drugs and creating safer communities. The police desire a resounding yes for their endeavors at bringing warring gangs together. Strategies which promote alternative behaviours aimed at the reduction of anger and aggression desire our wholehearted support.

Edith Corvell, British nurse and humanitarian was captured and killed by the Germans in World War1. Just before the blindfold was placed over her eyes for the firing squad, she said: “I am glad to die for my country, but I realize that patriotism is not enough.” Her strong beliefs in God propelled her to help all who needed it. I, therefore, call on us all to say yes to our cornerstone belief in the Supreme God, as the basis of our values. If we can’t appeal to a higher authority than man it would be impossible to have a moral community or nation. If we as a nation don’t recognize God, there is no possibility of that moral base. If we do not have an obligatory moral base established by an authority higher than man, it’s difficult to have social order.

If we do not have a divine moral base, we cannot enforce the laws we have. The more people there are without this base, the greater the proliferation of self-destruction and social destructive behavior. We cannot sustain our democracy without a moral base, and we can not sustain a moral base without God. Glenn Wagner aptly states: “Morality must come from a higher level or it will sink to the lowest level”.

On this milestone Independence Anniversary, the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies proudly says yes and urges the nation to do the same. Let’s say yes to a renewed commitment to God, our ultimate source, and to nation building.