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A dose of reality will soon come

A dose of  reality will soon come

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Independence Message from the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Arnhim Eustace, on the 29th Anniversary of Independence – October 27th, 2008

As our people celebrate the 29th year of our independence we thank God for life.

Once again on Independence Day, we will witness an independence parade. Once again, we will witness the parade skills of our uniformed bodies. Once again we will hear an address saying that all is well in Vincie-Land and once again after the parade drinks will be served at the Police Training Facility at Largo Height with more speeches. Once again, many of our citizens will ignore the formal celebrations of the day and head for the beaches or participate in boat rides and other such activities. {{more}}

On the 28th October, one day after our “celebrations” our people will again come back to reality. The reality of the hardship in this country; the reality of the high cost of the most basic items including food; the reality of the shortage of commodities such as sugar; the reality of the high cost of electricity, the high cost of gasoline; the reality of increasing unemployment; the reality of recent industrial unrest by the teachers and other public servants; the reality of the closure of businesses especially small businesses.

In short our people after a rest of 24-hours will once again face the reality of increasing poverty.

The scourge of crime including rape and murder will be on everyone’s mind. The international financial and credit crisis and government policies will impact negatively on our tourism, remittances and foreign direct investment. Economic hardship will increase as the growth in our economy declines in 2009 and beyond.

In other words the situation will worsen

But the government will continue to tell us that all is well in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. But will we bury our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich until next Independence Day?