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Ahdrenalin Launches 2019 production ‘Road of the Valkyries’

Ahdrenalin Launches 2019 production ‘Road of the Valkyries’


Ahdrenalin Carnival’s 2019 Mardi Gras production, dubbed ‘Road of the Valkyries’, has been launched.

The 2019 Vincy Mas production was launched on social media on Friday, February 8.

The band presents masqueraders with five female sections that offer frontline, back-line and whole-suit options and three male sections.

Ahdrenalin Launches 2019 production 'Road of the Valkyries'

The sections were designed by Trinidadian Douglas John and according to Band Leader Errol Fraser, they include feathered pieces which envelope explosions of colour, fabric and jewels “that when revealed in glorious sunlight, will impart a sense of presence and command a feeling of ceremony and awe when you behold all the majestic wings.”

To bring these mythological themes to life, Ahdrenalin combined contemporary mas with traditional techniques to create a costume fusion that will appeal to modern masqueraders, male and female alike.

“This particular theme is a brave new direction for the band, as it lends itself to expansive story telling through breath-taking costumes that when combined with the energy of the music and the masqueraders, will create the ultimate experience for Carnival 2019,” Fraser noted.

Band Manager Juanita Alexander commented that as a contemporary band, Ahdrenalin aims to put forward global goals that address societal shortcomings.

“It is for this reason that we offer our amazing masqueraders a strong female theme, viewed through the lens of the Valkyries, who represent powerful female role models for our young women,” stated Alexander.

In Norse mythology, the Valkyries descended from above to choose and escort brave warriors slain in battle, back to Odin’s hall known as Valhalla.

“So, naturally, the heroes – the male masqueraders cannot be forgotten, and as such they are represented by what will undoubtedly be three legendary costumes for their feting pleasure,” revealed Alexander.

The male sections are Herja (Boar Berserker), Brunhild (Wolf Berserker) and Eir (Bear Berserker). The female sections are Herja, Brunhild, Eir, Gondul and Kara Fraser emphasized that he would like their masqueraders to feel a part of something embracing, exciting and dynamic and a valued member of their Carnival family.

“Therefore, we reach out to our repeat masqueraders, who have evolved from friends into family, and in turn invite you to become a part of the Ahdrenalin Carnival movement, as they continue to set trends for Vincy Mas 2019 and beyond,” he said.

Ahdrenalin Launches 2019 production 'Road of the Valkyries'

Interested persons may follow Ahdrenalin on Instagram/Facebook <\@>AhdrenalinCarnival for more information, and for the announcement of their new showroom.

Online Registration is available by visiting while local Masqueraders may also call or WhatsApp 530 4808 or 533 9461 to register.