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Wedding bells ring for couple who got engaged at AIA

Wedding bells ring for couple who got engaged at AIA
Left - Sonia Archibald and Norris Peters at their wedding last Saturday. At right, Sonia, Norris and her son Devonte shortly after their engagement.


The love story continues for the couple who got engaged at the Argyle International Airport (AIA) on the day that it opened over a year ago.
Sonia Archibald and Norris Peters tied the proverbial knot on Saturday, just three days before Christmas Day, in an intimate, afternoon wedding with close family and friends.
The ceremony was held at the Botanic Gardens and was immediately followed by a reception at the Bay Stone Restaurant and Bar at Buccament Bay.
The bride, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, said that she always knew that she would marry Peters, a man with whom she had been with for close to 19 years.
“He’s full of surprises. You know men already; they’re full of lots of surprises,” she said.
Indeed, Peters surprised his wife on February 14, 2017 when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, just minutes after landing on one of the first flights into the international airport.
At that time, Archibald told media that she was shocked and at a loss for words, having broken down in tears as spectators cheered the couple on.
On her wedding day, Archibald wore an A-line strapless dress which featured African print and a teal head wrap.
The groom was similarly attired in an African inspired suit and the bridal party also wore African inspired attire.
“I will like to thank the people, my family who came out and support and help cook and everything went good. Thanks to the people who turned out and who didn’t turn out, we give thanks still,” she said.
The Largo Height resident said that there are no immediate plans for a honeymoon as her husband, who lives in New York has to return to work soon.
Although she hasn’t been married very long, she said that it feels different and described that feeling as “nice”.
And to couples who may be tying the knot soon, she says “long life and happiness with everybody who want to do it. It nice. You just have to have faith. Like the pastor said, you have to have faith within your relationship. Anything, you put it…into the hands of the Almighty. He will heal everything and bring us together for better relationships in life.”