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My Imagination presents: ‘In Front of the Eyes’

My Imagination presents: ‘In Front of the Eyes’


While some local mas bands may be looking to build extravagant costumes for Vincy Mas 2014, My Imagination is hoping to wow everyone with “In Front of the Eyes,” which draws from the simplicity of everyday situations.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, band leader Norman Quashie explained that the idea is to emphasize everyday situations and various aspects of carnival in a simple, yet meaningful manner.

This year, the band will present eight sections which include: “Vincy to the heart,” “Falk lightning,” “Beads and Feathers,” “Steel and Glitter,” “Creativity,” “Agriculture,” “Magic” and “Sequence of Colours.”

“Right now, you know the kind of problem that agriculture facing with bananas, so we said well, we have to bring “Agriculture.” That’s in front of your eyes. Then, when we decide we had to bring “Agriculture” for the boys, regardless to the situation, St Vincent is our home and we love it to we heart, so we said that we would use the girls as “Vincy to we heart”, said deputy band leader Denrick Woodley, while explaining the concept behind some sections.

Woodley indicated that this year, the band will cater for 250 carnival revellers.

In addition, he guaranteed satisfaction to customers, as their members can have their costumes tailor made to suit their requirements.

“You come, say you want to play in a particular costume, but you want your body covered, we call the seamstress and tell her ‘well you have to build a whole swimsuit’,” he said.

The deputy band leader noted that while obtaining sponsorship can be a bit of a challenge, the band is grateful for the organizations that continue to support them.

These include The Mustique Company, Trotman’s Electronic Services Ltd, C.K. Greaves, Everready Funeral Home and Right Stuff.

Although they have been doing well over the past years, Woodley believes that if My Imagination gets the support from sponsors, they will be able to do better at carnival, just like other bands.

“We’re always encouraged to continue doing what we’re doing because we’ve always been encouraged to produce a lot of good mas. For the time that we have the band, we have come like third for section of the night, came like third for queen,” he said.

“We’re doing well. Once we get the sponsorship early, we can compete and come close to the other bands.”

Persons who wish to register with My Imagination can visit the mas tent, which is located at Richmond Hill, opposite the Ministry of Agriculture.

Individuals also have the choice of e-mailing their requests to [email protected], or contacting with Norman Quashie or Denrick Woodley at 4326753 or 4555646.

“This year carnival, come and play mas with My Imagination. We are going to take the street by storm,” Woodley declared.