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‘Guinness Posse T-Shirt Band’ launched

‘Guinness Posse T-Shirt Band’ launched


Guinness has joined the Carnival Monday T-Shirt band fray and as a result promises to gives revellers ‘More’ than any other Monday band.{{more}}

The newest addition to the Monday T-Shirt band street party was launched last Friday, May 2, with a ‘Big black truck’ motorcade that began on the Leeward side of the island and ended at Heritage Square in Kingstown.

The band which is being called ‘The Guinness Posse T-Shirt Band…from the stands to the streets’ has as its slogan “We have one big bad black truck on the road” and last Friday gave persons a taste of what to expect on Carnival Monday.

Describing the expected atmosphere for July 7 Operations Commercial manager at the St Vincent Brewery Limited (producers of Guinness) Shafia London-Williams is asking patrons to picture the way people party in the Guinness posse stand during cricket.

“We are bringing that Guinness posse stand behaviour and atmosphere to the streets of Kingstown”, said London-Williams last Friday, adding “join Guinness and the St Vincent Brewery Ltd as for the first time ever we will be joining the Monday T-Shirt band street party.”

The Carnival Monday street party is scheduled for July 7th.

Explaining what persons will get when they join the Guinness Monday T-Shirt band, Marketing assistant at the Brewery Caricia Taylor said that there are three packages being offered for the band that is expected to hit the road at 2 p.m. and leave the streets at 10 p.m.

Taylor said that the first package is called the ‘More’ package which sells for EC$35 (early bird) and gives persons an unlimited amount of free Guinness (Bottomless Pit Free) and other drinks from the St Vincent Brewery. The ‘More’ package also provides a Guinness memorabilia reusable party bottle, a temporary tattoo, a T-shirt, Guinness popsicle, Guinness slammer (Guinness mixed drink), bandana, snacks and a safety pack.

The second package is called the ‘Even More’ package and also gives persons an unlimited amount of free Guinness, other drinks from the St Vincent Brewery, Guinness memorabilia reusable party bottle, a temporary tattoo, Guinness slammer, a bandana and a safety pack. Taylor said that ‘The Even More’ slogan comes in as for EC$75, it gives persons the option to design their own Guinness T-shirt, receive premium snacks, Mount Gay rum cocktails, Guinness Power shots (Guinness mixed drink) and camel packs at a discounted price.

The third package cost EC$180 and is called the ‘Frontline’ package. This package gives you everything in the ‘Even More’ set-up, but also gives the ladies the choice of partying in a mono-kini (one- piece bathing suit), a two- piece bathing suit or a high waist costume instead of a T-shirt.

Taylor stressed, “the Guinness Slammer and the Guinness Power Shots, which are our secret blends, will be served by the beautiful Guinness shot girls and we will be the best and biggest band on the road and we are giving patrons even more than the other bands, therefore making this an unforgettable experience.”

Taylor also revealed that there will be surprises throughout the evening, with the biggest one coming at ‘17.59’ (5.59 p.m.).

The ‘Big bad black truck’ will have onboard as entertainers, disc jockeys who include the Hyperactive Movement, Simple Sounds, DJ Kal, DJ Tarrus and the Energy Squad (DJ Captain Jon and Columbian). Regional Djs will also join the action.

Meanwhile, London-Williams said that the Brewery decided to join the Monday band scene in their continued efforts to support Vincy Mas and make it bigger.

“It will be a black truck under the brand Guinness. It just goes to show how much our company is committed to Carnival and how much we see it as a way in which we develop the culture in St Vincent and Hairoun as the national product of St Vincent.

“This will be the biggest of all the Monday bands,” promised London-Williams.

Meanwhile, persons who decide to party with the big black Guinness truck will do so to live performances from ‘DJ 20’, ‘Royal’, Keith Currency and ‘Problem Child,’ among others.