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Bigger and brighter things expected from local artistes

Bigger and brighter things expected from local artistes


Although two local artistes plan to compete against each other for the 2014 Ragga Soca Monarch crown, they are positive that their rivalry will not affect their friendship, as they perform for the love of music.{{more}}

Daverne “Elegancc” Muckett and Theron “Radikal” Browne are promising Vincentians great music not just for the carnival season, but for the rest of the year as well.

So far, the two have already produced songs for this carnival season and when they visited SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday, they shared some of their plans for 2014.

Muckett, who currently holds the East St George Soca Monarch title, declared that persons can expect a lot of things from him.

“Last year, I did a number one track — ‘Ah di new dance’ on the Pally Wack riddim and to me I was treated unfairly by not being a part of the final 10 to enter Ragga Monarch… so this year I’m looking to be a part of it,” he said.

“Last year too, I won the East St George Soca Monarch round there, so I’m looking to defend that title too”.

The artiste, who noted that he likes to display variety in his music, told SEARCHLIGHT that his Ragga Soca track for this year is entitled “Na say nothing.”

According to Muckett, this song is very different from the usual Ragga Soca tunes that are heard every year, that speak to drinking and wining.

“I look forward to great things this year and being a part of the Ragga Monarch this year. Me really want that crown there and me go get it,” the determined singer said.

Having been on the musical scene in St Vincent and the Grenadines since 2003, Muckett is of the opinion that there are many talented individuals in the country; however, their music is not being heard because of lack of rotation on local radio stations.

“I don’t think they really want the music to go beyond St Vincent; the kind of selection that they do on the radio,” he said. “My style of writing is way beyond local. I find that we always keep looking at Trinidad as who we should be looking up to, but we have enough talent here, so that we can take it way beyond St Vincent to greater levels. We don’t have to be looking to Trinidad for anything.”

Browne, who shares a similar view, took the opportunity to highlight his production team, Black Lyonz, which has a studio located at Level Gardens.

The 26-year-old explained that the team, which is made up of local artistes, focuses on pushing local music of different genres, all year round.

“We’re just trying to push our music. Music is what we love,” Browne said about the group of six.

“It’s a fight for the young artistes these days, but that don’t stop us from what we’re doing. We open our studio because of the fight down we had in the past and sometimes you go to a studio and you don’t get the satisfaction u need. We made an investment …not just for us, but if we can also invite other new artistes. Once we see talent, we would bring them in the studio.”

The Level Gardens resident, who entered the Ragga Soca Monarch competition in 2009 with “Spanish Wine”, expressed hope in being able to participate in the competition this year.

He indicated that his 2014 song, “The one for me”, is a groovy song that would get persons moving.

“I enjoy the carnival season. I just want to contribute to the whole of Vincy Mas. If I could get into the Ragga Soca [competition], that would be even better,” he said.

Both Muckett and Browne stated that they do music “out of love” and encouraged other persons to support young and upcoming artistes.(BK)