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Skinny Fabulous has Jamaica’s Mas Camp on its ‘Worst Behaviour’

Skinny Fabulous has Jamaica’s Mas Camp on its ‘Worst Behaviour’


Vincentian soca monarch Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle ignited Jamaica’s popular Mas Camp – venue for the build-up to the country’s annual carnival – with a crowd pleasing performance last Friday night, according to Jamaican media reports.{{more}}

“The 30-minute set from Vincentian soca artiste Skinny Fabulous added an extra level of excitement at Bacchanal Fridays, held at the New Mas Camp in St Andrew last Friday,” said a report in the Jamaica Observer newspaper.

“It was a great vibe. The audience was much more receptive to soca,” Doyle was quoted as saying.

Skinny Fabulous has been getting positive reception to this year’s carnival staple, “Behaving The Worst.” With a decade’s worth of experience, he said he was not surprised by the success of the track, which blends soca with an electronic dance tempo.

“The song was a bit of experimentation on my behalf that crossed over,” he told the paper.

His high-energy set included “Head Bad” and “Defence.” He also had the VIP section trying to outdance the General Admission patrons. He then wrapped up with an encore of “Behaving The Worst.”

Prior to Fabulous’s set, patrons were treated to musical selections from Trinidad’s Nuphoric.