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LIME introduces 4G carnival Ambassadors

LIME introduces 4G carnival Ambassadors


Telecommunications provider LIME and Island Network have once again joined forces to present to carnival lovers what is arguably the biggest collective name in Vincy Mas.{{more}}

At a press conference on Tuesday, the two entities introduced the members of the LIME Vincy Soca Dans, as well as LIME sponsored DJ’s, with promises of more artistes slated to come on board.

General manager of LIME Leslie Jack introduced to the media the 2014 “LIME Ambassadors,” which include veteran Soca Dan members Rondy “Luta” McIntosh, Delroy “Fireman” Hooper, as well as Shaunelle McKenzie, Hance John and DJ Q.

“One of the key things that we have identified as critical to maintaining the product of carnival is the support that is needed to enhance the artform and we have been working with the LIME Soca Dans and the Island Network for many years to deliver the Monday band, as well as to support some of the best artistes within the Caribbean that support us locally, regionally and internationally and they have been doing a very good job thus far and we do think it is necessary that we continue to do that partnership.”

Jack also highlighted the partnership with a number of local DJs, whom he said are critical in bringing the awareness of the carnival product to the masses.

“They have been helping us in terms of sending the message letting people know the various offers or benefits associated with being on the LIME network and they too have been doing a really good job at it,” Jack added.

Island Network manager Herric Horne thanked LIME for the support that the company has given to the group over the years, which he said has helped tremendously in the artistes’ development over the years.

“The sponsorship has allowed us to go beyond just the artiste’s production,” Horne pointed out.

“LIME has been partnering with Island Networks in the production of events; so we have Soca on the Beach this year, which is dubbed YOLO: You Only Live Once, so you would be experiencing a lot of once in a lifetime acts… at Rawacou Beach on June 29th, and Sunrise on carnival Friday night, Future Proof; it’s a 4G event, where you will be using your Instagram and Twitter and lots of other innovative ways that you would be using your 4G ready handsets….”

Horne also added that a number of new talents would be exposed this year, thanks to its partnership with LIME.

Meanwhile, the artistes and DJ’s present spoke highly of their relationship with LIME and Island Network, as they made calls for carnival fans to support LIME, as well as Island Network and carnival on a whole.

Soca Dans present were Luta and Shaunelle Mckenzie, along with DJ Q, while Fireman Hooper and Hance were not available at the time.

LIME sponsored DJ on the scene were DJ/artiste Hypa 4000, DJ Pitbull, DJ Chemical X, and DJ Fugitive.