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Seven for the first ever Miss Young Mothers 2013 pageant

Seven for the first ever Miss  Young Mothers 2013 pageant


A pageant for young mothers, which was fashioned using the standards of the prestigious Ms SVG pageant, has sprung up, just in time for celebrations of this country’s 34th anniversary of Independence.{{more}}

The first ever Miss Young Mothers pageant will take place on October 25, 2013 and will see seven young ladies displaying beauty and intelligence.

The seven beauties vying for the title of Miss Young Mothers are: Dahmara Lynch, Miss Rawacou, sponsored by SEARCHLIGHT; Rolanda Gloster, Miss Montreal Gardens, sponsored by Fullworth Boutique; Shakira McDowall, Miss Petroglyphs, sponsored by BMC Agencies; Samantha Matthews, Miss Bambareux, sponsored by Suzette’s Hair Studio; Melina Smart, Miss La Soufriere sponsored by Destiny Hair Salon; Nadine Matthews, Miss Botanical Gardens, sponsored by James Joy at the Buccament Bay Resort and Shanique DeShong, Miss Falls of Baleine, sponsored by Andrews Refrigeration.

Organizer of the event, Joanna Christopher told SEARCHLIGHT that the show serves as a platform for the delegates to showcase their intelligence. Christopher, a Layou resident, noted that the pageant is also an acknowledgement of SVG’s 34th anniversary of independence celebrations, as all of the contestants portray a site in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Like most of the organizer’s events, there is a common thread that sews the show together.

“Miss Young Mothers has to do with intelligence and talent,” Christopher said.

“Because it’s around independence, everything is going to be based around that because we have the girls coming out in various aspects of St Vincent.

“We’re celebrating St Vincent independence so…even in the evening gown section, we’re looking for a dress close to the colours of the flag”.

Additionally, the introduction section will be judged.

25-year-old Dahmara Lynch revealed that she entered the show because of her love for pageantry.

“It gives me perspective to show younger girls out there that not because you have a child, it does not mean that your passion for pageantry has to stop,” she said.

Rolanda Gloster’s dreams to enter the Miss SVG pageant were crushed when she gave birth to her child. It is for this reason that the 27-year-old is grateful to Christopher for delivering a pageant for young mothers. Like Glasgow, Shakira McDowall also expressed a desire to compete in the Miss SVG pageant.

“I know I can’t make it because I already have a child, so this gives me the experience and the exposure and I’m grateful for that,” the Layou resident said.

Hailing from Clare Valley, Melina Smart would like to use Miss Young Mothers as a platform to inspire young persons in society.

“It helps me to improve myself and be more effective to young persons out there…it’s how you carry yourself and it does not make you less than a woman; that you have a child,” she said.

23-year-old Nadine Matthews hopes to come away from the experience with more self esteem, as she will be able to hone and showcase her talents on the night of the show.

Samantha Matthews, mother of three, hopes to send the message to other young mothers that having a child “is not the end of the world”.

Shanique DeShong, a 22-year-old athlete in five different sports, expressed her love for pageants and stated that she entered Miss Young Mothers to “try something different”.

All of the delegates have attested to a hectic but fun training process in which they have learned to build camaraderie.

The seven ladies are urging the public to come to the Layou Hardcourt on October 25 at 8:30 p.m. to experience a show that will portray nothing but talent and intelligence.(BK)