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Biker Babes get ready for beauty pageant

Biker Babes get ready  for beauty pageant


Plans are said to be going smoothly for the long anticipated Miss Biker Babes beauty pageant, which is part of the 2013 Biker Extravaganza.{{more}}

Coordinator of the pageant Merlon Yearwood told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, during a practice session, that the local young ladies competing in the event are ready and rearing to go, and so are their regional counterparts.

“We have five young ladies from St Vincent who will compete with young ladies from the region. We have two young ladies coming in from Barbados, one from Grenada and one from St Lucia.

“Our girls in St Vincent they are going to do their best… and I know if you build a stage right now and called the pageant right now they would be ready,” Yearwood told SEARCHLIGHT.

The pageant this year will be held at the Murray Heights Hotel at Mckies Hill and will feature a number of top local artistes making guest appearances, Yearwood said.

Yearwood indicated that the five young ladies, soon to be named, have some measure of experience, and patrons can expect to be entertained to the highest degree.

They will make judged appearances in biker wear, swimsuit, talent, cocktail dress and interview.

Tiandre Jack, the girls’ trainer, said that preparations are moving forward progressively, and echoed Yearwood’s sentiment that patrons can expect to be blown away by the contestants.

“The girls are ready…. What we are doing now is just tweaking their performances. They know about the stage, so they know what is expected so we are right on target.

“They (patrons) can only expect the beauty, talent and a fabulous show. So I would just like to invite everyone to come to this show, it will be a great ‘de-stresser’ for everyone,” Jack said.