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‘Truth be Told’ thrills US audiences

‘Truth be Told’ thrills US audiences


As the curtains draw on the US tour of the Off-Broadway Play, “Truth Be Told”, Vincentian playwright Jerol Huggins Jackson cannot subdue his excitement about the success of his second collaboration.{{more}}

“Truth Be Told” is a mellow, comedic dramatic spell-binding play of shame and betrayal, which portrays the real meaning of “never judge a book by its cover”.

Huggins-Jackson, the founder and Managing Director of Jems Theatre Company, expressed his appreciation for the support he and his cast have received thus far.

“The production was well received, with very excellent reviews… We had persons coming from as far as New Mexico and Texas to see the production.” Huggins Jackson said.

The Vincentian playwright, however had tinges of disappointment.

“The Caribbean nationals living in the USA were in full attendance; however I was expecting more Vincentians in the USA… The other islands played a very big role in the success of the production…They came in large numbers, their support was more dominant,” he noted.

Although Vincentians were represented, Huggins-Jackson felt the other islands were more behind the play.

This, he said, however did not take away from the overall outcome.

“It was a success, except for the Sunday prior to Labour Day, because there were so many other activities,” he recalled.

The last weekend of the production was a sold out event, and persons who came without tickets were unable to be seated and had to be turned away.

This, Huggins-Jackson said, was because one corporation brought 75 per cent of the seats for its employees, an effort that Huggins-Jackson commended greatly.

Brooklyn residents, will, hopefully, be given a second shot at seeing the play, as Huggins-Jackson aims to make a second lap of New York in November.

“Anyone who has not seen this play must do before the play closes…. It’s a play that makes you laugh, smile, sing along with the actors and also cry…. It is a play that is needed in the Caribbean community. … Mr. Huggins has done a wonderful job at bringing the Caribbean flavour of drama to an off-Broadway stage,” one woman said

“It’s a must see! You will be vexed with yourself if you don’t get there early to be in the front, so you can see and hear every bit of dialect and action as the actors take you on a journey…..I am calling on all my family and friends in New York, New Jersey, Washington and environs to make a date to go see Truth Be Told, another woman said gleefully.

The cast is now gearing up for its next presentation in Tortola, on October 5, from 7 p.m., at the Sir Rupert Briercliffe Hall (Cultural Centre).

Persons planning to see the Caribbean play are strongly being urged to purchase tickets in advance online.