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Matthews takes Miss Bikini Babes pageant in ‘unforgetable’ show

Matthews takes Miss Bikini Babes pageant  in ‘unforgetable’ show


Not even the sporadic drizzles of rain could cool the steamy presentations at the first ever Miss Bikini Babes pageant, which was held at the Layou Hard Court, last Saturday.{{more}}

Geared at promoting body positive attitudes in women, six hopefuls vied for the title, as they made appearances in tribal wear, two swimwear categories: swimwear and “funki” bikini body; and lingerie.

After her unforgettable appearances, it was no surprise that Samantha Matthews was adjudged winner of three of the four categories and crowned Miss Bikini Babes 2013.

The mother of three won the Best Introduction category, where she made her first appearance in a Hawaiian-themed outfit, enticing the crowd to join her on her journey throughout the show.

Matthew’s milk white monokini in the first swimwear round earned her the Best Swimwear title, while her red and white nurse’s outfit and colourful performance with her male model in the lingerie section, that had the large crowd going wild, won her Best Lingerie wear.

When she spoke with SEARCHLIGHT, Matthews was almost speechless, yet ecstatic about her win.

“I feel so good, so great. I got to show everybody the talent I have and I enjoyed myself,” she said.

Matthews also expressed confidence in her ability to do well and stated that she felt like she would have won.

“Yea, I got the spirit. Everybody was pushing me and telling me ‘Yea Mantha, you would win’, so I just go and do my thing,” the Bikini Babe said.

The first runner-up position was awarded to Lowmans Leeward resident Laverne Providence, who earned the fourth judged category: Best Funki Bikini Body.

For consistent performances, Jahkeisha Phillips was awarded with the second runner-up position.

The other contestants included Sheena Bowens, Olicia Hepburn, who was adjudged Miss Congeniality and Teresa Gaymes – Miss Photogenic.

Patrons expressed satisfaction with the show, particularly because they had never seen anything like it before. However, some had comments to make about the audience.

“I think it’s a nice show, but I don’t think kids should be here,” one individual said.

Main organizers, Joanna Christopher and Tika McDowall said that they were very pleased with the success of the show and expressed heartfelt thanks to various persons, who they said were responsible for its success.

Carib Beer, GECCU, Julian Francis, Palmyra Restaurant and Bar, Jus Rite Bar in Union Island and Rozette Bennett are included in the list of sponsors and persons that supported the show.