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Hard copies of ‘Dust to Dawn’ now available locally

Hard copies of ‘Dust to Dawn’ now available locally


“Dust to Dawn” is expected to hit the stores this week, in a manner that only its author, Raeon “Maddzart” Primus would think of.{{more}}

Also known as “The Fete King”, Primus has been in the music business all his life and has recently added the title of author to his extensive list of talents.

Fictitious and erotic novel “Dust to Dawn” has been available for purchase on for some time. However, the author has decided to make hard copies available locally.

While some may have expected the book to be available at regular bookstores, Primus has chosen to go a different route, regarding the main locations of his novel.

“I’m not so sure that I’m going to have it in the traditional bookstores, because of the nature of the write up,” he revealed.

“I’m an artist, a musician and I’m looking to have the book available at places like Music Centre…various places that isn’t a traditional bookstore…places that sell music, phones and other things”.

The Fete King has been writing for quite some time and remembers being a top composition student in school.

“My English teacher would normally commend my composition in school since I was a kid,” Primus said. “Composing and putting stuff together has always been something that is a part of me…I create stuff, not just music”.

The author noted that the title is a play on his main characters’ names, Dustin and Dawn, and said that the content, which can be described as “very Caribbean”, focuses on the couple’s new relationship as it tries to weather the exciting carnival season.

Included in the write up, are stories surrounding steamy sexual escapades, betrayal, confusion, comedy, music and revelry.

“Dust to Dawn” will officially be in stores on Friday and is expected to be priced at EC$50.

Persons can also purchase the hardcopy online at US$18 or the downloadable version at US$10 on