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Touch making comeback for 2013


Legendary Vincentian Band Touch is making a comeback for 2013.

This year marks 25 years since the band produced its first hit soca song, “Back Off”.{{more}}

To commemorate the event, all original members of the band, except one, have regrouped and recorded two new songs: “Do What You Like” and “I’ve Got the Music/Roll that Bumpa”.

Brand manager Julius Williams stated, at a press conference at Murray Heights Hotel on Wednesday, that this was the third time that the band has regrouped since its hiatus from the Carnival scene.

Williams also highlighted an exciting variety of events that the band will be involved in.

One such event is a Carnival Monday T-shirt band that will be called “Extreme”.

Gisela Scott, representative for NBC radio, expressed pleasure in being able to partner with Touch to produce the Monday band.

“In the past, as you know, Touch was the big thing on the road Monday afternoon…they brought a unique flavour in that they were performing live on the road,” Scott said. “NBC is committed to bringing back this standard to the Monday jam…to bring back this uniqueness to Carnival”.

Vocalist Gideon James shared the same sentiments as Scott and stated that it was time to bring Vincy Mas back to what it used to be.

James pointed out that for more than 10 years, persons have been asking him about the possibility of a Touch reunion.

“This year, we got down and decided we had to do something,” he said. “We decided to give it a try and bring back some nostalgia to Carnival Monday”.

Furthermore, he encouraged people to come out and show support by buying T-shirts and being a part of “Extreme”, come Carnival Monday.

Master of ceremonies Cleve Scott stated that the persons who are a part of Touch and Friends put in a lot of work to produce the two songs for this year.

Popular artiste Shernelle “Skarpyon” Williams, who revealed that he had grown up listening to Touch, is included in this batch of persons.

“It is indeed a pleasure for me to be a part of this. It’s a milestone,” he said. “I think its time enough that Touch showed people how it’s done”.

As a back vocalist on one of the songs, Skarpyon described “Do What You Like” as a masterpiece that he hopes fans will enjoy.

“Do What You Like,” written by Bryan Alexander, was launched at the press conference on Tuesday and Scott noted that it was a song geared towards the international market.

However, “I’ve Got the Music/Roll that Bumpa”, which was written by original bassist, Ifil Shorte, is the song produced specially for locals to jam to during the Carnival season.

In addition to the Monday band and new songs, Touch will be available for bookings locally, regionally and internationally, in the coming months.

The brand manager noted that, more than likely, the band will actively take part in Carnival, being on the road at J’Ouvert, Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

At a date to be announced, Touch will be appearing at the Murray Heights Hotel, one of their other partners.

Also, Williams stated that a music video will be produced soon.

“We always like to get the public involved, so we’ll be doing a public shooting on Friday at Heritage Square.”

Williams said that he is looking forward to participation and support from the public.

Apart from NBC Radio, other sponsors for the Monday T-shirt band include Hairoun, Y De Lima and E-zone.