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Ruth-ann Bowens is Miss Owia 2013

Ruth-ann Bowens is Miss Owia 2013


Miss Owia 2013, Ruth-ann Bowens wants more than one crown.

She wants to wear the Miss SVG crown. But in the meantime, the 16-year-old Fancy lass is content with her one crown – for now.{{more}}

Bowens made it a clean sweep in the judged categories, when she walked away with best talent, best interview, best swimsuit, and best evening wear. She was also adjudged Miss Photogenic and had the most “likes” on social media.

The Owia Sports and Cultural Organisation (OSCO) Miss Owia 2013 was held at the Owia Government School on Friday, May 31.

The fourth form student of the North Union Secondary School told SEARCHLIGHT that she feels “splendid” that she won all the categories.

“I had a lot of confidence going into the show that I was going out there to do my best, but I was not sure about winning. I was just confident about myself and my ability and I won,” she laughed.

Stating that it was her first ever pageant, the teen said it was her mother who encouraged her to take part in the show.

“Every minute I used to be modelling and play like I was in a queen show. So my mother tell me I must just go and I went,” Bowens said.

For her talent, Bowens portrayed a young woman who was the subject of sexual harassment during a job interview.

“Alyo just war feel me up like ripe banana…,” she said, which resulted in a burst of laughter by the crowd.

Sending a strong message, Bowens said women are an integral part of society and deserve to be treated with respect.

Bowens executed with precision and put the cherry on the cake when she finished up her talent by singing Singing Sandra’s “Woman”.

In the evening wear category, Bowens wooed the crowd with a royal blue dress called “Magical Blue”. The dress, which had a had a deep cut down the front, openings to the side and three spaghetti straps in the back, proved to be a huge hit with patrons.

With her win, Bowens will now enter the rural Carnival pageant in Canouan. She was also awarded with a trophy, a watch from Echos Jewellery and a range of other gifts.

The other contestants were also awarded with gifts.

Miss Congeniality was awarded to Miss Bottom Town, Jamelia Nero and 1st runner up went to Miss Sandy Bay, Jamella Osment.

The other contestant was Miss Owia Salt Pond, Shelly-ann Ballantyne.

In the calypso competition, Jimi “Raj” Lavia came out victorious with his song entitled “Politricks”.

Despite having the crowd in a frenzy with his song “Sea crab biting me”, Calvin “Quazo” Nanton had to settle for the second position. However, Quazo redeemed himself by winning the OSCO/Owia road march title with that same song.

The other calypsonians were Leonard “Dr Lee” Hoyte, with his song “Music at Victoria Park”; Brimlo “Jah Brimstone” John, with “Special Touch”; Shafika Nanton, with her song “Wolf in sheep clothing”; and Errol “Ely” Morris,, with “Saddest Alive”.

Executive member of OSCO Rochelle Baptiste told SEARCHLIGHT that the entire carnival was a success.

She said despite an incident that took place after their J’Ouvert, which threatened the staging of other activities, she is still thankful that they were able to carry on with the other events.

She thanked all their sponsors for making the Owia Carnival a success and also expressed gratitude to persons who helped along the way.

“It was really hard work in terms of financial support. We didn’t get as much as we needed to, but we appreciate all those who gave us whatever donations they could have,” Baptiste said.(KW)