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Lower numbers at this year’s pageant – CDC

Lower numbers at this year’s pageant – CDC


Attendance at this year’s Miss SVG pageant was lower than that of previous years, but the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) is not sure why fewer persons turned out.{{more}}

Saturday’s show was shown live on cable television by pay per view, and was streamed live on the Internet.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of the CDC Ashford Wood, however, told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview on Wednesday that he was not sure if these options had affected attendance at the Victoria Park.

He, however, said that a meeting should have been held Thursday (yesterday) to determine how many people looked at the live stream and bought the pay per view option from Karib Cable.

“We’re looking at it and, to date we’ve not had a full assessment of what the numbers for streaming and pay per view were like.

“There was definitely a fall back in the numbers from previous years. Last year, with the exception of Miss Carival, we didn’t see that and we saw it this year at the very first show.

“So, whether it’s the streaming, the pay per view or simply the economy, the CDC will be meeting and we will make a public statement on that,” Woods said. (AA)