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Vincentians in for treat at Backyard Adventures

Vincentians in for treat at Backyard Adventures


Driving around in go-karts, splashing in a pirates’ cove and exploring the jungle kingdom are just some of the attractions at this country’s newest recreation site, Backyard Adventures.{{more}}

Located in the Arnos Vale area, Backyard Adventures offers Vincentians the opportunity to have a Disneyland or Six Flags Adventures type experience, albeit on a much smaller scale.

“This is the first ever recreation facility in St Vincent and the Grenadines that encourages clean family fun,” managing director of Backyard Adventures Nakeisha Williams told SEARCHLIGHT on May 18, during the official opening.

“This is something to experience, because we really try to bring the recreational facilities that are overseas.

“Backyard Adventures allows families to come out and enjoy themselves, bonding. The setting offers parents the opportunity to relax while having something to eat or drink, while the children explore and play with the various attractions,” Williams added.

Backyard Adventures also provides entertainment for adults.

The go-kart section is for adults only, while the children can swim around in the pirates’ cove, bounce around in the bouncing castles or be adventurous and explore the jungle kingdom.

The managing director revealed that planning for Backyard Adventures began over one year ago.

“We were thinking of doing this for a very, very, very long time, because my brother wanted to do something concerning the go-kart and I always wanted to do something for children, so we just sort of meshed the ideas together and do an all age kind of thing….

“There is nothing else like this in St Vincent and it is needed and I think it will be well received,” Williams further stated.

In relation to cost, Williams explained that the fees are “very reasonable” and encourages everyone to come and experience recreation for the family.

“The entrance fee for adults is $5, and while inside, you can pay $20 for the usage of the go-karts, which amounts to 20 minutes (five or six laps depending on how fast you drive).

“The entrance fee for children is $20 and this allows unlimited access to the bouncing castle, pirates cove and jungle kingdom.

“We just try to infuse something where all ages can come and enjoy themselves,” Williams said.

Patrons who attended the recent opening said they were “amazed”.

“Something like this was long overdue.

“The setting is marvellous. The go-karts, water slide (pirates’ cove) and all the other attractions are very interesting,” said Noela Duncan.

As the children bounced and splashed around, some parents, mostly males, took advantage of go-karts and raced each other around the track, showcasing their driving skills.

“This is fun,” said Darryl Stephenson.

“And yes, I felt like a big kid, but this is what exactly this place does, brings out the kid in you.

“The setting here is perfect for families to just come out and have clean fun and I commend the owners/operators for undertaking the idea.

“We needed this in SVG,” Stephenson added. (AA)