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Scotia Bank South East Steel Orchestra ready to entertain

Scotia Bank South East Steel Orchestra ready to entertain


Following a successful outing last year, the Scotia Bank South East Steel Orchestra is charged and once more ready to entertain steel pan lovers with their Hearts of Steel event.{{more}}

The 2013 edition of Hearts of Steel, dubbed “Come Explore”, is scheduled for April 27 and 28 at the Aquatic Club.

Musical director of the steel orchestra Marla Nanton told the press at Tuesday’s launching ceremony, held at the Carnival Development Corporation conference room, that they are not just staging another show, but one that is well thought out and planned and will be executed in a unique style.

Hearts of Steel, she said, is an embodiment of the creative arts.

“It’s a package of mainly music, theatre and dance, in which music, more so steel pan music, takes precedence…”

Nanton describes the show as educational, yet exciting; funny, yet clean.

The musical director further stated that this year’s Hearts of Steel explores the depth of the steel pan art form.

According to Nanton, in creative ways, they will present the steel pan within the context of the modern world.

“So, patrons can expect to see pan showcased in a modern way – pan and technology for example.”

Hearts of Steel will also demonstrate the versatility of the instrument, by playing music of different genres and by aligning the instrument with voice and other conventional instruments. There will be emphasis on the influence of music on emotions and behaviour.

“In fact, an entire segment of the show focuses on the idea that ‘there’s a message in the music,’ ” she said.

And finally, the show will highlight the socio-cultural significance of the steel pan art form.

“With the 2013 edition of Hearts of Steel, we are going to show patrons that the art form provides a positive pastime, especially for young people and it stands as a reminder of our Caribbean history and a means of fostering Caribbean patriotism.

“Hearts of Steel is for the young and the old and patrons can expect value for their money.

“Keep calm and come to Hearts of Steel,” Nanton added.

Show time is 8 p.m. nightly, with an entrance fee of $40 and tickets can be purchased at Singer, Jujube Bookstore, CDC’s office and from any member of SEDI. (AA)