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Hot new group heating up music scene

Hot new group heating up music scene


They might just have the hottest song and music video on the local scene right now.They have already rubbed elbows with two of the biggest names in music in St Vincent and the Grenadines,{{more}} and their buzz seems to be growing at a rapid pace.

Just who are they?

None other than five talented young men – Oral “Duh Brain” Roberts, Ansil “Chickyn” Commissiong, Marcus “Jimps” Currency”, Jeron “Eezy On em” Nelson and Fitzroy “Fitz” Creese, who make up the rap group, “New Starzz”.

With over 7,764 views on their Youtube video “Corner Block”, which features four-time Soca Monarch Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, the young artistes from the Campden Park Secondary School took a short break from the books to have a chat with SEARCHLIGHT.

Jimps explained that the group began when they were in the first form, when they would all battle with one another lyrically, during the recess or luncheon period at school.

“We just started out as normal kids who just love music and we always went against each other… Me and Eezy and Chickyn use to do our thing and then Brain wanted to join, so we asked him to show us what he has and his style was crazy, so he joined the group…,” Jimps explained.

However, Jimps said they were still looking to add another element to the group; that was when Fitz became part of the team.

“We already had four rappers and we wanted someone who could sing and we knew Fitz was that person…,” Jimps added.

As time went by, the boys dedicated a lot of their time to honing their skills and putting out several songs, using a laptop and a microphone while at home.

“We just want to do what we love and that is how we went about doing it…”

On May 26, 2012, the boys finally got a big break when they placed second in the Skinny Fabulous Vita Malt Next Big Thing competition.

It was from there that their names really began blowing up.

“That show really gave us a lot of push. When were on stage and we heard people shouting our names, it was just great to hear…,” Jimps said.

Things were only just getting better for the teenagers.

At the recently held show at the Victoria Park for Jamaican dancehall artiste, Mavado, New Starzz shared the stage with Skinny Fabulous.

“That experience was just crazy. We weren’t afraid or anything because it was more people at the Park than it had at the Next Big Thing competition,” Eezy On Em said.

As if performing at the Movado show wasn’t the highlight of their young careers, the boys got the opportunity to produce their single “Corner Block” with local renowned producer, Mark Cyrus.

They said they are humbled by the opportunity to work with Cyrus, and have Skinny Fabulous appearing in their music video and song.

“Imagine the same man (Skinny Fabulous) put we in his competition and now he did a song with us and in our video. That’s just crazy,” an elated Jimps chimed.

They said that they always thought the song was just a “regular” song, but it was not until Cyrus told them it was going to be big, they began believing and putting more effort into it.

With the little success they have gained, the boys have their eyes set on the stars.

“Our plan is to become St Vincent’s best and biggest artistes ever. We want to go international and put our country on the map…music is our love,” they mentioned.

Stating that some of their biggest musical influences are rap artistes such as Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Drake and Lil Wayne, Jimps, who seems to be the group’s spokesman, described their style as a mixture of those artistes, with their own individual style.

“There’s swag in our music. We just do our thing different from the other artistes and that is what I think makes us who we are…,” Jimps added.

The group thanked their fans for supporting them and ask that they continue to do so as they work hard to become the next big thing.

They also thanked Mark Cyrus, videographer Akley Olton, and photographer/creative designer Calvert Jones for assisting them along the way.

Fans can find New Starzz on Twitter: @newstarzzz , on Facebook at: and their Youtube profile, NewStarzz Roberts.