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Burning Flames heats up Easterval

Burning Flames heats up Easterval


in Union Island

If you weren’t there, you missed a brilliant show.

Hailed as one of the best Easterval Soca Fests in recent years, Burning Flames of Antigua put on a performance that many attested left them eagerly anticipating Vincy Mas 2013.{{more}}

Held on Saturday, March 30 at the Ashton hard court, the Antiguan Soca band did not waste time in getting into their performance, which began shortly after 3 on Sunday morning.

When the instrumental for their 2012 soca hit, “Kick een she back door,” started playing, patrons seated in the stands rushed to the hard court and began feting to the smash hit.

Even as the clock approached 6 a.m. and the sun showed its face over the mountains, the group still had patrons moving to their beat even as the tempo slowed down somewhat.

The group even invited 2011 Soca Monarch Delroy “Fireman” Hooper on stage to sing with them. Fireman, regarded as one of this country most exciting entertainers, added life into the crowd with his crazy antics and sang Alston “Becket” Cyrus’ classic hit “Teaser”.

Before Burning Flames took the stage, some of our very own gave exciting performances from the time the show started at 1 a.m., three hours after the scheduled show time.

First up was the local band “Energy”, who did justice to their name. As the bouncing started and the intermittent showers fell, the band’s lead vocalist Dennis Alexander really put the “F” in fete when he took the microphone, stood centre stage and sang Lively’s 2011 soca hit “Tek dat”.

Alexander’s exhilarating performance and constant pelvic thrusts had the ladies stationed front stage replicating some of his moves, as they danced into the night.

The band also did songs from a number of local and foreign soca artistes.

Next up was Carriacou’s soca artiste Shanda. The portly woman, who sported a black pair of tights and boots, showed off her flexibility in the way she positioned herself, as she invited a male from the crowd to see who could “wind” on her the best.

Claiming that she was representing the “big women”, Shanda put some of the more slender women to shame with her smooth moves.

Also from Carriacou was another female soca artiste, Superstar, who gave somewhat of a sub-par performance.

Local Soca artiste Mad Skull had the crowd bouncing in the rain when he dropped his 2012 hit on the “Muddy Jab Riddim”, “Muddy Jab”.

And what show would be complete without an artiste singing about rum. That was when Union Island artiste Demus took the stage, decked out in full red and represented his island by singing some of his songs about rum.

As usual, Fireman Hooper had the crowd in a frenzy.

As he always does, Fireman stopped midway through his performance to tell his fans to “clap” and run from left to right.

The crowd had a mixed reaction when Fireman began signing his 2012 popular television ad “Nutrinho”.

Not only were young and middle aged people seen partying, but there was an elderly woman in the crowd who showed off some of her dancing skills, capturing the attention of persons around her.

Southern Grenadines representative Terrance Ollivierre traded in his shirt and tie for a more casual attire and was seen laying down some smooth moves on the dance floor. Working up a sweat, Olliverre boogied down with a female, who had some smooth moves herself.

The other performers were First Lady and Whizkid.

The following night saw the hosting of the Miss Easterval pageant.