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‘First Lady’ promises more “hard- hitting” dancehall music in 2013

‘First Lady’ promises more “hard- hitting” dancehall music in 2013


Charismatic, sexy and lyrically lethal are just some of the words that can used to describe local artiste Vasita “First Lady” Caine.{{more}}

And since entering the dancehall music arena in 2007, she has enjoyed a successful stint with her high lyrical ability.

First Lady, described by many as a female version of Jamaican dancehall act Vybz Kartel, told SEARCHLIGHT recently she plans to take her music very seriously and intends to do what it takes to advance her career in a genre of music that is dominated by males.

Over the years, First Lady has performed at home and abroad with a number of regional dancehall and soca artistes such as Bungi Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons, Mr Vegas and Dr Evil, Tommy Lee, Stylish, Romaine Virgo, Rupee and Tallpree.

In 2010, she made her first of two tours to Canada, which, to date has allowed her to build a strong Canadian fan base. This gave her exposure and soon after, the self-proclaimed First Lady began to gain a reputation for her blistering lyrics, high energy and risqué stage performances.

Her continuous hard-hitting lyrics over the past five years have gained recognition from both local and regional artistes, some of whom have even decided to take musical shots at her.

In December 2012, the Park Hill resident had to prove her lyrical skills, responding to a challenge from female Jamaican dancehall artiste Sashae.

Sashae, in her song “Everybody dead”, which featured compatriot “Deva Bratt”, wages lyrical war on all female dancehall artistes.

“Well, it’s a situation where this upcoming artiste in Jamaica sent a message to me about wanting to clash me,” First Lady said.

“I wasn’t going to clash her, but she start calling me name so as being the First Lady, I had to set her right and tell her and past Portmore empire boss Deva Bratt how it is and put them in their place.

“I would like to put on record that First Lady is not afraid of any lyrical war and any one step forward I will deal with them. No if, no but, nor no maybe,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

Meanwhile, for the New Year, First Lady revealed plans to continue recording more “hard-hitting” dancehall music. (AA)