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Tommy Lee performed in SVG in February without using lyrics that were offensive – promoter

Tommy Lee performed in SVG in February without using lyrics that were offensive – promoter


Promoters of the “Halloween Bash” event, scheduled for this weekend, say the show will go on, despite a cancellation request from the Association of Evangelical Churches (AEC).{{more}}

The show, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow night at Victoria Park, features Jamaican Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee, who also goes by the alias “Sparta”.

An “urgent public announcement” from the AEC on Monday night said they have deep concern about the lyrics of Lee’s song, “Uncle Demon”.

“The lyrics to this song are reprehensible. They promote violence, hatred and give rise to a culture that does not respect the value of life and that has started to stealthily creep its way into the very fabric of our nation, especially the youth.”

Since the release of “Uncle Demon” in August, Lee has come under fire from the Christian community in his homeland, Jamaica, who have labelled him as being satanic.

However, the deejay says he is no devil worshiper; rather, his song is “just art.”

“You done know Gothic, my thing dark, new type of darkness that the kids like,” Lee said in a recent interview with

The release from the AEC said the promotion of the song and what it represents is “diametrically opposite to the values that need to be instilled in our citizens.

“For a nation that seeks to place itself on the path to modernity and self determination, this artiste and what he represents only serves to bring our nation down into a morass of degeneracy and violence. A quick survey of some of the major news will immediately alert us to an increasing rise in gun related crimes, violence and general disregard for life,” the release said.

“While we respect the God given ability to create and appreciate various art forms, this song and what the artiste represents is not in any way God honouring or beneficial to our nation. Not now and not ever.

“We call on the promoters to cancel this show and exercise greater sensitivity in the future. We call on all those concerned with this song to make themselves heard to those with the ability to put a stop to this show,” the AEC said in the release.

However, One Love Inc and Small Meech Promotions, the teams responsible for hosting the event, in a joint release on Tuesday, said while they acknowledge the views expressed by the religious association, their concerns are based on one song.

Jawanza Fraser, head of One Love Inc and Andano Coombs, Small Meech Promotions, said “This event has been on air, via advertisements, for the past three weeks. No concerns were raised by you or anyone. Now, ‘like a thief in the night’, you are seeking assistance to have the show cancelled, based on ONE SONG.

“Are you aware that Tommy Lee performed here in February and performed without using lyrics that were offensive? You have gone about your research in the most bias of manner and did not see the need to make contact with One Love Inc. As we have done in the past, our artistes will abide by the laws of the country, while performing,” the release said.(AA)