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Nine groups to battle for the nation’s ‘Best Dancers’ title

Nine groups to battle for the nation’s ‘Best Dancers’ title


As part of the nation’s 33rd independence celebration, nine of the top dance groups from across St Vincent and the Grenadines will battle it out on the dance floor for the right to be called the nation’s best dancers.{{more}}

The event, which is being organized and hosted by Naphtali Promotions, in collaboration with Green Myth Entertainment, will be held at the Nutricia Netball Complex on Friday.

Naphtali Dougan, CEO of Naphtali Promotions, described the event as “the biggest and the best dance championship to be held in SVG”.

Dougan, who is also a dancer, told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday that the key objective of the event is to promote the art of dancing in SVG, while ensuring that the dancers are fairly rewarded for their efforts on the dance floor.

The winners of the dance championship will get $4,000.

The dance groups scheduled to perform include Touch Down, Ground Breakerz, Supreme Dream Team, Vilan Squad, and Puzzle.

“From my own experiences with previous promoters who held similar events, they didn’t treat us as dancers right. The reward was way below what it cost us to prepare for some of the events and because of my experience I am trying to organize an event of my own, where the top three dance groups can actually walk away feeling satisfied,” he said.

Preparation for the event, he said, is progressing, but not without the usual challenges.

“Everything has challenges. Hard work brings success. Success does not come over night. You have to work towards it,” Dougan stated.

He revealed that several sponsors are on board, including Courts St Vincent Ltd and Vita Malt.

Meanwhile, members of some of the dance groups that will be performing said they are keenly anticipating the event.

They also commended Naphtali for undertaking the initiative.

“It’s a good thing because this is a chance for the dancers of SVG to come out and show their talents,” said Travis Hope of the Ground Breakerz group.

“It’s not personal battle where persons might hate on each other or things along that line. All of us are dancers and it’s our way of life and we enjoy what we do and at the end of the day win or lose we are all from the same art form and still friends,” he added.

Plans are to make the event an annual one, Dougan said. (AA)