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Calypso season 2012 launched at Heritage Square

Calypso season 2012 launched at Heritage Square


Heritage Square was transformed into a Calypso arena on Friday, April 13, as twelve of the country’s top calypsonians entertained several hundred persons gathered there.{{more}}

Organized by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Calypso Association, Friday’s event marked the opening of the 2012 Calypso Tent season.

The proceedings got underway with the singing of the National Anthem followed by a moment of silence for the late calysonian Rasum Shallow.

A tribute was also done in honour of Shallow with Man Zangy singing one of Shallow’s hits ‘Perseverance’.

Persons sang along and swayed from side to side as the young singer, dressed in the national colours, performed Rasum’s song.

This was then followed by very brief remarks by President of the SVG Calypso Association, Anne Miller.

According to Miller, this is the first time in the history of the launch of Calypso Tents that all the Tents have come together for a launch.

“I’d like to thank all who came out. It’s the first in St. Vincent for us to have all the tents coming together for the launch, especially before the launching of Carnival.

“I do hope that persons will continue to support all the Tents and their individual shows, especially coming on to the semi-finals to support the Calypsonians.”

Although starting an hour behind schedule, patrons were fully entertained by acts such as Azara – On Tour tent, Parry – P’tani tent, Manchy – P’tani tent and new comer Troublous of the Upstage Xperience tent.

The 2011 Calypso Monarch Tajoe also graced the stage singing his winning hit, “Suzie.”

Four tents will have their individual launches following Friday’s event.

The P’Tani tent is expected to launch on Aplril 30, Upstage Xperience, May 6, Graduates on May 8 and On Tour launches on May 11.

Persons who attended the event expressed satisfaction with what they saw and further noted that they are looking forward to attending the individual tent shows.(AA)