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Rapper Prez determined to achieve his dream

Rapper Prez determined to achieve his dream

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As the saying goes, “The road to success is filled with many obstacles”, and for Vincentian Rap artiste Akene “Prez” Keizer, his path to becoming the international recording artiste he aspires to be has had some hindrances.{{more}}

Nevertheless, the Campden Park resident told SEARCHLIGHT that he is determined to achieve his lifelong dream as a Rapper.

Born in 1984 at the then Kingstown General Hospital, Prez left the shores of his homeland for Brooklyn, New York, where he spent twenty-four years.

During his time in the US, Prez was highly influenced by the American Rap music and it was at the age of fourteen that he knew he wanted to become a Rapper.

“At age thirteen, when I was listening to one of my favorite rap artistes, Rakim, and it inspired me to pursue music…”

According to Keizer, his first public appearance showcasing his Rap skills was on the streets of Brooklyn, where he battled other aspiring US rap artistes.

At the age of thirteen, Prez was involved in one of the most memorable battles he could recall. It was following that rap battle he says he was discovered by one of the most outstanding female rap artistes and Grammy award rapper, Lil Kim.

“She discovered me at the age of thirteen, and I was in the studios with her up until the age of 16. So for three years she had me under her, nurturing me…”

While hanging out at the recording studio with Lil Kim during those three years, Prez explained that he had the opportunity to meet a number of other US Rappers such as Maino who is currently one of the most successful and renowned Rappers today.

With the wealth of knowledge passed on from his then tutor, at age sixteen Prez said he began writing music for other US Rappers, including Maino.

However, the Prez parted ways with Lil Kim because his career wasn’t heading in the direction he intended.

“It wasn’t going where I wanted it to and she had to go do her thing with Biggie, so that was that…” he said.

His greatest achievement, however, came at age nineteen when he says he was offered a record deal by American record label The Inc. Records (formerly known as Murder Inc).

Through another Rap battle, Prez was recognized by a member of Murder Inc records, and following a meeting with the label’s management, he says he was offered the record deal.

“I was signed on a Tuesday with Murder Inc, and on the Friday, I had to go away to do a prison bid, and on Saturday, they lost the label to a Federal case. So everything was kinda crazy from there…” Prez explained.

Although things did not work out for the artiste, Prez said he continued his pursuit as a rapper by recording Mixtapes (compilation of songs recorded in a specific order) of his music and distributing them.

In 2009, he returned to his homeland following a run in with the US law authorities.

Since returning home, Prez says he continues to do music, and the reception from the Vincentian population has been “awesome”.

Through local Producer Dougal “D Fresh” Allen and his MeggawattZ Productions studio, Prez continues to record his music.

“In October of last year, I dropped the first record and it was a playful record, but it took off so big on the radio that the people wanted to hear more from me.

“So then I released another record ‘We good’, and then I released “What’s in my cup”, which is the number one song on radio in Germany. The records are being played in Miami night clubs and clubs all over New York now, so it’s real big,” Prez stated.

Despite the opportunities that didn’t work out for him, Prez told SEARCHLIGHT that “it’s not a start over process.” He is just continuing where he left off.

“I feel good, and the record labels are still trying to get me to sign to them. Most recently, Sony contacted me, and they want to work something out where they can get me back in the country and sign with them,” he further revealed.

Prez said apart from Sony and five other American record labels which are interested in signing him, at this point he is trying to make the right decisions which in turn will smoothen his path to success.