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Vincy Mas 2012 Soca Season off to a King Start

Vincy Mas 2012 Soca  Season off to a King Start


Fete King Maddzart has once again shown his consistency with perfect reaction-timing to the starters’ pistol indicating the start of the Vincy Mas 2012 Soca Season.{{more}}

With most holding back on releases, Fete King Maddzart sets the mark and the pace with his latest release “When ah come”.

The Fete King has no issues each year with setting the pace, as we look forward to his numerous releases; with each release raising the bar and injecting that much more charge for the incumbent climax. This year, the bar is expected to reach new heights, and the King has made the declaration clear! The new release “When ah come” is a metaphor for what’s to come, as the Fete King is making it clear that when he comes, you will know.

What the patrons and fan base want is nothing but for MaddZart to reign once more as King, and the expectations this year are beyond high. But in true Royal Fashion, MaddZart, the Fete King, is making it known that all expectations will be matched and later surpassed.

Reigning as the people’s Fete King, MaddZart pledges to produce songs that not only bring that strong vibe and energy for Vincy Mas but those that will be heard year-round in a timeless manner. Crowns and titles are not the hallmark of this King, but a positive legacy is. Look out for the upcoming album and an amazing groundbreaking event this June as we unify our people and our culture again.

“No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.”

So go-ahead grab the downloads today, make them yours, follow on [email protected], like the fan page, download the app (launching soon) and catch the performances this carnival. Miss them, and you miss Carnival.