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Vincentian Ray Williams honored with Grammy Award

Vincentian Ray  Williams honored with Grammy Award


As part of the Celemony group, Ray Williams was honored with a Technical GRAMMY Award for excellence in music technology at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles.{{more}}

Ray Williams, a native of Chateaubelair, was recognized for his role in the advancement of Melodyne software. This software tools is widely used in recording studios to refine vocal performances to a level of perfection that previously was not possible. Williams has been working with Celemony since 2002 and is an important influence in the development of Melodyne and the direction of Celemony.

Williams has a long history in Music Software as owner of Steinberg Canada and a well-known proponent of Cubase audio recording software. Williams has made several trips to his native St Vincent to equip studios on the island with music technology. Williams is the son of former Police Inspector Claude Williams and Head Teacher Margaret Williams. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where he runs a music equipment distribution business.