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Williams looking to knit a niche in fashion design

Williams looking to knit a niche in fashion design


Cassandra Williams is definitely on the right path to becoming one of this country’s hottest fashion designers. However, she will be the first to tell you that you will never see her wear the clothes she designs.{{more}}

Williams, a resident of Long Wall, designs clothes, not using cloth, but crochet thread instead.

With some of her bathing suits and exquisite dresses showcased at the closing ceremony of the Ministry of Culture Fine Art, Film and Fashion week, persons gathered were in awe at Williams’ handiwork.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Cassandra said she developed a love for knitting at the age of nine. “I just always love to knit and people always say I’m a tomboy and I just wanted to show them the difference in me,” WIlliams said, as she sported a plaid shirt, Khaki pants rolled up to her shin, Nike Air sneakers and a hat.

“These are not things that I would actually wear, because I don’t like dresses, but I just love seeing my work come to life,” she explained.

A shy individual, Williams, 49, and mother of five, says she gathers inspiration for her designs from seeing people everyday, and also gets ideas especially from her children.

“Sometimes they come home and say ‘mommy, ah see this style and I think you could make it’.”

She noted that she had started off by knitting hats, bags and shoes, but admitted that it was her children who pushed her into knitting bathing suits and dresess.

Williams’ work has been showcased at a number of events locally. In April 2011, she went to Barbados, thanks to Invest SVG and her material was on display at an event there. “That experience was totally amazing, because people never really see such a thing and It pushed me more and more to do more creative stuff,” Williams added.

She disclosed that her work is in high demand, especially when there are boat rides to the Grenadines. “You know when they have party boat rides and so on, a lot of people does just come to the shop and tell me their size and within 3-4 days I have their outfit ready,” Williams said.

Williams’ work is also requested overseas.

Although she sees it as just a hobby, Williams, a shopkeeper said she would like to expand her business and do more creative things through knitting.

“I would like to see myself going forward more fluently and if I could get support from more people, that would be a great boost,” Williams said.

She thanked Chief Cultural Officer in the Ministry of Culture, Anthony Theobalds for his support over the years.

Interested persons can locate Williams in the green shop just outside the SAVE-A-LOT supermarket in Kingstown.