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Pop star Aliona, Freewinds band rock Port Kingstown

Pop star Aliona, Freewinds band rock Port Kingstown


As if the Freewinds cruise ship were sailing on rough waters, Vincentians who were on board the ship for a concert on Tuesday, January 11, rocked from side to side as they were entertained by the ship’s band alongside international pop star Aliona.{{more}}

Docked at the Cruise Ship Terminal in Kingstown, over 200 persons boarded the Freewinds ship for the show which was a gesture of friendship and goodwill from the captain and crew who extended the invitation to Vincentians.

The concert was scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm but got underway just about 7:50 pm. However, the extended wait was not a problem to the many Vincentians of all ages who gathered in the ship’s lobby, because it was a wait worth their time once the show commenced.

Following brief remarks by the ship’s Port Captain Lieutenant (LT) Ludwig Alpers, the Russian pop star Aliona graced the stage.

Persons were wowed by Aliona’s voice and performance as she did a number of well known renditions from Grammy award winner Alicia Keys. Tracks such as ‘Streets of New York’ and ‘Some people want it all’ had the crowd singing along and some persons even had their hands in the air swaying as Aliona sang her heart out for her audience.

Members of the audience included Culture Minister, Frederick Stephenson, former Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste, soca artiste Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh, and officials from the Department of Culture, Anthony Theobalds and Michael Peters.

The band also did a few instrumentals which left the gathering amazed. During the set, each band member showcased their skills playing their individual instruments.

From soft to hard rock, and even a gospel rock instrumental, the Freewinds band had Vincentians bopping their heads for the hour-long concert.

Unfortunately for the many who were enjoying the evening’s entertainment with no regard for time, the show had to end, but not without Aliona treating the audience to one of Eric Clapton’s classics, ‘Change the World’.

The audience sang and clapped as the pop singer closed the evening session which came to an end some minutes past 9:00 p.m.

Following her performance, Aliona thanked the audience and regretfully announced that she had to depart the island to return to her homeland Russia the following day.

“Your country is so wonderful. I’ll be dreaming about it all the time when I get back,” the pop singer said.

Following the show, Port Captain Lt Ludwig Alpers told SEARCHLIGHT that he was pleased with the turn out and described the atmosphere as “wonderful”.

“I think that the Vincentian people are warm hearted and friendly… Tonight we have persons who just wanted to come out and have a good time, and they did.

“It was a pleasure for us to host these wonderful people because we’ve had a very close relationship with the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines since we first docked here. It’s just good to know that we can return the hospitality to Vincentians as they have to us over the years,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s event generated an overwhelming response from those who attended. Once such individual was the Minister of Culture Frederick Stephenson, who came from the country’s Budget Debate to be a part of Tuesday’s concert.

“I am happy that the Freewinds ship is back in the state. I know that they normally have lovely concerts because I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few shows on board in the past, and tonight has been a fantastic night… and we are happy to have them back,” the Minister said.

Former Culture Minister Rene Baptiste said Tuesday’s concert was “wonderful”.

According to “Mama Culture”, as she is commonly referred to, the Freewinds cruise serves as a great asset to Tourism in SVG.

“…The ship first came to St. Vincent when I was Minister of Tourism and Culture, and they created a lot of relationships, especially with the shops, and they are high spenders…

“That had a positive impact, and they always look forward to exchanging their music and interacting, and we are grateful for that,” Baptiste said.

A presentation was also made to the ship’s Port Captain by well renowned calypsonian and senior education officer Carlton “CP” Hall, who presented a gift bag containing local Christmas music and music videos.

The Freewinds cruise ship returns to the island on

January 24, this time with well renowned Bajan calypsonian John King.

Vincentians will again be offered the opportunity to witness King’s performance live onboard the Freewinds Cruise Ship.