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Avenues Night at the Oscars

Avenues Night at the Oscars


From the moment the curtains were opened and the theme song from the 1971 movie Shaft boomed through the speakers at the Peace Memorial Hall, the audience at the Avenue Dancers’ production was thoroughly entertained;{{more}} the effect of spending “a Night at the Oscars.”

Dancers, ranging from juniors and intermediates to seniors, graced the stage of the Hall on Saturday, January 7, and also on Sunday, January 8, 2012, performing under the theme a “Night at the Oscars”.

SEARCHLIGHT’s reporter, who was present at Saturday’s showing, witnessed an appreciative audience who cheered loudly after each performance, which highlighted several different movies from romance and Bollywood, to mystery, drama, hip hop and dance hall.

The routines were carefully executed by 63 dancers who showed energy and spunk on stage, while the younger dancers were received with sighs of ‘ooos’ and ‘awes’ by the audience.

Dance routines were based on songs from movies like “Pride and Prejudice”, “Sister Act”, “Free Willy”, “Chicago”, “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Bring it On,” among others, with each routine introduced by a brief trailer of the respective movie.

The production also featured modeling by the members of the Avenue Dancers and singing by a female trio “Beautifully Blessed”, while Choreographer Briget John was honoured by members of The Avenue Dancers at Sunday night’s show.

In an interview with SEARCHILGHT on Monday, January 9, 2012, organizer Krystal Robertson and Choreographer Bridget John stated that the feedback received was good, adding that patrons said that they enjoyed the production. Robertson added that persons enjoyed the movie clips, which, according to her, must be described as a first for an Avenue Dancers’ production.

Robertson explained that in preparing for the show, they wanted to put together an eclectic mix of music, and during the preparation process, decided to centre the theme of the production on movie soundtracks. The theme “A night at the Oscars” came about as the Oscars is one of the award shows associated with film production.

Commenting on the show, Robertson added that there were a few hiccups, but that they did not affect the quality of the show. She, however, said that there are areas where there is room for improvement. She added that the Avenue Dancers are planning a mini production where the younger dancers will be featured. That show is expected to be held in May. (OS)