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Thomas Saunders tops National Secondary Schools Drama Festival

Thomas Saunders tops National Secondary Schools Drama Festival


After weeks of rigorous rehearsals and nights of performing before the public, the Thomas Saunders Secondary school walked away with the lion’s share of the awards{{more}} for this year’s National Secondary Schools Drama Festival.

The school won five of the twelve awards that were presented during the awards ceremony, held on Wednesday, November 30, at the Peace Memorial Hall.

The five categories included: Best Lead Actor – Alshane Peters, Best Lead Actress – Tiwanda Roberts, Best Production, Best Director and Best Set.

Principal of the school, John Renton, told SEARCHLIGHT that he was very delighted and proud of the students for their hard work.

“I want to also commend Mrs. Sandra Glasgow-Providence who really worked hard and fast with the students, and now we have an excellent result.”

John also spoke of the dedication of the students having to juggle between their school work and the drama festival.

“…A few of these students are in Form 4, and it has taken a lot of discipline to juggle the academics and the acting, but I think they managed to pull it off,” he added.

Other winners of the evening were the Bethel High School, winning the Most Impressive Performance, along with the Best Make-up.

The Girls’ High School took the honors for Best Original Play, as well as Best Supporting Actress – Natalie Young.

The St. Clair Dacon Secondary won Best Stage management and Best Supporting Actor – Ajhoy De Grads.

Best Costume went to the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School.

Wednesday’s ceremony also saw the honoring of Sandra Glasgow Providence for her contribution towards drama over the years.

There was also a short skit by some of the teachers performing “Never see come see.” This had the room filled with mostly students laughing throughout the skit.

Fourteen schools participated in this year’s National Secondary Schools Drama Festival.(AA)