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Vincentians blessed, challenged at Worship Experience

Vincentians blessed, challenged at Worship Experience


The atmosphere of praise and worship was rich at the Victoria Park on Saturday, October 1, as persons there truly gave themselves away.{{more}}

Famous for the song “I gave myself away”, American artiste William McDowell and his band engaged the audience in a series of worship songs, including another popular hit “Wrap me in your arms” and encouraged them through songs proclaiming victory in Jesus, overcomers through Christ and surrender to God.

The night of worship began with local artistes ushering patrons into the presence of God. Artistes included Kioka Cruickshank, Voices of Victory and Angelos. The showers of rain and lightning storms which permeated the night did not seem to shake the intent of those present at the Park, who were determined to reach out to God as they worshipped through song.

Caldon Charles of Faith Promotions, organizers behind the event, deemed the show a success. Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, October 5, 2011, Charles stated that he has received positive feedback from many persons who attended the show on Saturday.

Stating that he has received messages in his Inbox as well as comments from persons on the street, Charles stated that persons described the show as “phenomenal,” and “excellent” while others stated “I was blessed, I was challenged”; “This is what St. Vincent needs;” and “I got more than my $25 worth”.

Charles explained that the Worship Experience was birthed because of concerns expressed by Christians within the society. He stated that through conversations with Pastors and Youth Leaders, it was expressed that persons wanted something more. Charles added that the organization Faith Promotions sought God’s guidance and He led them in a direction where they could have the entire family converge at a concert at Victoria Park.

“We started looking for persons and we felt that William McDowell, with his song which is a popular song across the world, it was sufficient enough to have him come to St. Vincent to lead us in an awesome time.”

Charles stated that persons are still buzzing about their awesome experience in the presence of God at the show and are inquiring as to what Faith Promotions will do next.

Stating that the organization “will see what God does” in relation to their next event, Charles added that they plan to have these events biennially and to look out for part two of the Worship Experience in 2013. (OS)