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National Theatre Arts Festival 2011 officially launched: Dramatists ready!

National Theatre Arts Festival 2011  officially launched: Dramatists ready!


Local dramatists are honing their acting skills in anticipation of their impending performances during the National Theatre Arts Festival.{{more}}

The festival was officially launched on Monday, September 12, at the Peace Memorial Hall and saw main sponsor Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines present the participating groups with monetary contributions.

The festival, which runs from October 28 – December 4, will see stage productions from six groups.

The SVG Community College (Division of Nursing) Performing Arts Club will be the first to perform from October 28 – 30; Agape Performers, November 4 – 6; SVG Performing Arts Society, November 11 – 13; Police Drama Club, November 18 – 20; E.Com Urban Expressions, November 25 – 27; and Remnants of Gideon, December 2 – 4.

Drama Development Officer (within the Ministry of National Mobilisation) Martin Quashie delivered the main address at the launch.

He encouraged members of the participating groups to support one another, in the interest of the advancement of the performing arts community.

“We need to work as one,” he reminded.

Quashie also encouraged members to maintain a professional attitude at all times, whether performing locally or abroad; and reminded them that being from a small nation is no excuse to allow standards to slip.

“It is not the size of the country, but the potential of the individual. We have to have that professional attitude!” he asserted.

He also said that SVG has a lot of talent that mostly goes unrecognised.

He pointed out the local popularity of Nigerian movies, and insisted that this is a venture that Vincentians can also become involved in.

“Once you believe in yourself, you can do it,” said Quashie.

He further thanked the representative from the Bank of SVG (formerly the National Commercial Bank of SVG) for the establishment’s generous contributions over the years.

Representing the bank was Lidia Williams, marketing and public relations officer.

She said that the bank is always happy to assist in taking the performing arts to all communities in SVG, as involvement in such can greatly benefit the youth.

“Over the years we have seen the benefits that this partnership has brought to the young and talented individuals from the various groups,” explained Williams.

“The Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines strongly believes in promoting corporate social responsibility, and is, therefore, committed to the development of ethical and social values…”

Williams also mentioned the idea of collaborating with the Theatre Arts committee to continue in assisting children in the Langley Park area, whose families were affected by landslides in April.

Kevin Rodriquez, deputy chairman of the National Theatre Arts Committee, also gave brief comments.

He gave an overview of the programmes and activities that the committee has planned for the theatre arts season – which commenced on September 1.

He explained that the focus this year is to decentralise the activities from Kingstown, and spread them throughout SVG.

Rodriquez said that there will be activities such as school workshops, a promotional campaign, community tours, and a charity concert. He urged the public to stay tuned to the media for details in future.